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Customer service service system
The spirit of "to provide customers with the most satisfactory products and service" business purposes, environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Lifeng solemn promise: on to ensure the equipment is advanced, reliability, stability, at the same time, continuous improvement quality of service, from pre-sales to after-sale, commissioning, equipment maintenance management, technical services, user and technical training and so on to ensure the customer can get the best service, customer satisfaction, rest assured.

Comprehensive pre-sales support
1, to provide professional consulting.
2, to provide detailed information.
3, to provide a reasonable price.
4, provide inspection and reception.

Perfect after sales service
1, to provide customers with free product installation guidance and maintenance training
2, the establishment of customer files, regular product quality tracking service
3, the warranty period for free repair or replacement

The professional services team
Li Feng environmental protection has a strong professional, experienced, skilled service team, may at any time to provide you with professional maintenance and training.
Our goal is to provide high operational safety and environmental protection equipment for our customers and minimize downtime.
Please when you need to contact us at any time! We hope that you are interested in our products is completely satisfied.