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Q: in addition to the treatment of sewage spiral machine, but also deal with other things?
Answer: stack screw machine is a multi disc solid-liquid separator, with most of the solid-liquid separation of situations can be used, as long as meet particles to flocculate into more than 0.25 mm particles.
Q: do you have a chance to screw the screws? Blocked up how to do? How to reverse? What is the principle? Is there a effect on the machine?
Answer: our company from raw material purchase, is the domestic cold-rolled plate flatness good manufacturers, such as TISCO and Zhang Pu plate, each ring slice must after mechanical and manual two procedures, which can minimize overlapping snail machine jam. Stack screw machine relative to the centrifuge and belt machine is not easy to block, but due to the material unevenness and operation of a variety of reasons, sometimes inevitably will plug. General Logistics blocked can be processed by screw stack inversion, inversion inversion start button. If the stack deformation occurs, you need to contact the manufacturers, disassemble, replace lamination.
Q: your speed is 2~3 to /s, if the speed reaches 4 or 5 is not the treatment of doubling the amount?
Answer: processing capacity is not a simple speed can be determined, it and to be separated material type, viscosity, a series of parameters of temperature, the number of laminations, size, voids, the length of the screw shaft and ambient pressure, with decision. Some domestic manufacturers often through simple increase speed to increase the handling capacity and short time may be no problem, for a long time (3-6 months), easily lead to other problems, such as burning motor, laminated deformation, a spiral shaft wear is intensified and so on.
Q: with metering pump dosing, or pump dosing?
Metering pump for adding less of the occasion, the utility model has the advantages of accurate, but relatively high prices. Screw pump dosing suitable dosage big occasions, combined with flowmeter and inverter (or manual reflux) can do accurate dosing.
Q: does the stack screw machine can be placed in the outdoor?
Yes, the corresponding electric cabinet, motor protection performance needs to be improved. Such as the need to add fangyuzhao motor, motor protection IP55, IP65 etc..
Q: our equipment out of mud whether direct shipment?
Answer: can direct shipment.
Q: how long does it take delivery?
Answer: according to the different models.
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