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Shaftless  Screw Conveyor
Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Shaftless Screw Conveyor is a kind of non-axis conveying equipment which conveys sludge along with screw rotating. it has advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation, convenience usage and maintenance, continuum and level liquids discharg



Shaftless screw conveyor is a kind of non-axis conveying equipment which conveys sludge along with screw rotating. the advantages such as simple strucure,sage and reliable operation, conveniece usage and repair, contin-uum and level liquids discharging, stable pressure, it is totally enclosed for corrosive or hazardous requirements and will not cause secondary pollution.


Mainly used in delivery screenings between bar screen and sludge deliver and lifting of sludge dewatering room in sewage treatment plants.

Structure and work principle:

Which is mainly composed of shaftless spiral,U type spiral groove,cover plate,lining board ,feed inlet and outlet , discharge outlet and driven device etc, the feed is input from feed inlet, after pushed by shaftless spiral, then output from feed outlet.

In rated diameter,screw pitch ,rotate speed, the shaftless spiral throughput is associated with the proportion of material and transportation distance,height.


1. Simple structure, without bearing in channel. Material can be transferred easily.

2. Enclosure to eliminate the secondary pollution

3. Shaftless screw is made by special molding technology and has high stiffness

4. Few welding on thewhole length thanks to the length of single shaftless screw about 2m

5. U type liner molded by high quality plastic

6. Low rotating speed, minimum power consumption and low wearing

7. Material of scew: carbon steel or stainless steel SS304

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