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MagFlow Particulate Removal System
MagFlow Particulate Removal System

Magflow System from Lifeng Environmental tech is the new generation waste water and water solutions that increase the capacity and contaminant removal capabilities of primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment systems.


Magflow Clarifier Removal System Description                                                               

Magflow Clarifier Removal System

  Magnetic flocculation sedimentation technology is increasing the investment of the magnetic powder on the basis of a traditional flocculation sedimentation and chemical sedimentation process, which making the magnetic powder and floc cosedimentation efficiently, and the magnetic powder can recycle through the magnetic drum.
  Our company has developed magnetic clarifier removal system purification technology, which making the magnetic purification technology more perfect and mature through long-term practice , and created some new ways of municipal, river, landscape and other special industry. 
  The basic working mechanism of the Magflow clarifier removal system based on magnetic separation and purification technology, when the pending processed water body after the pretreatment, entering coagulation tank mixing uniformity with a certain concentration of magnetic materials. Under the effect of coagulant and coagulant aid, to complete the combination of magnetic materials and the non-magnetic suspend solids, forming magnetic floccules.Then under the running of equipment, the magnetic floccules of water was been adsorbed to the disk, and separating the water complying with disk rolling, and make the effluent purified. At the same time, the magnetic floccules into magnetic recovery system to make the separation of magnetic materials and non-magnetic sludge (magnetic powder > 99.6%), and the sludge into the sludge treatment system. From influent to effluent, the residence time of the pending processed water is about 3 min, make the rapid separation of wastewater.
  Compared with ordinary sedimentation and filtration, the equipment with the characteristic of continuous operation and separation of suspended solids in water with high efficiency, and also have technology advantages of the short processing, small area, saving investment and low operating cost.

          Maximum capacity, performance & Control; Minimum footprint & capital

Magflow Clarifier Removal System Technological Process and Advantages          

MagFlow Clarifier Removal System can produce effluent nearly equivalent to ultra-filtration at capital and operating costs competitive with conventional alternatives. It is a perfect technology for tertiary treatment and CSO and storm water management. MagFlow routinely delivers:

1) Magnetic Powder Recovery Rate: >99.6%

2) TP < 0.02 mg/L

3) TSS < 5.0 mg/L

4) Turbidity < 1 NTU

5) COD removal :30%-50%

6) Large processing capacity : a vehicle-mounted device processing capacity is 100-5000m³/d,  and more than one device working at the same time in the special circumstances


MagFlow Clarifier Removal System Advantages:

Magflow Clarifier Removal System Application                                                               

Magflow Clarifier Removal System

widely used in:

1) Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment;

2) Oil & Grease wastewater treatment;

3) Dyeing and printing factory wastewater treatment ;

4) Water treatment plant precipitation process;

5) Mine water and other inorganic waste water purification processing;

6) Industrial wastewater deep treatment, removal of organic P & PT, COD, SS;

7) Lakes and river water purification: removal of cyanobacteria suspended solids and nutrients P, and solving the eutrophication of water bodies;

8) Urban sewage plant upgrading level A (for SS, TP, BOD/COD)

Magflow Clarifier Removal System Model Reference                                                    

Magflow Clarifier Removal System Treatment Effect                                                     




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Q: What is the required retention time of a MagFlow system?
A: The total HRT of a MagFlow system is between 8 and 10 minutes. Coagulation and flocculation require about 4 minutes; and clarification, approximately, 4 to 6 minutes. This remarkable short time enables MagFlow systems to be small in foot print and thereby, low in capital expenditures(CAPEX)for equipment and installation.
Q: With what type of clarifiers will MagFlow best work?
A: MagFlow can operate with all types of clarifiers. For small plants we have employed cone bottom systems with no rakes; for larger systems, conventional circular systems to flight and chain systems.
Q: How is MagFlow so effective in fine particle removal such as E.coli and bacteria?
A: The recirculation of much of the sludge makes for a very dense slurry in the reaction tank which makes the capture of fine even colloidal particulate effective.
Q: How much ballast is consumed in the operation of a MagFlow plant?
A: Very little. The 10000 m³/d MagFlow plant consumes magnetite ~ 20Kg/day. The primary reason for such small consumption is the effectiveness of our magnetic drum recovery system.
Q: Are MagFlow and its operation easily understood and operated? 
A: Yes, MagFlow is very operator friendly. The system readily responds to changing influent flows and loads, easily handling excess solids from the secondary clarifiers. It has few parts needing replacement and no inclined tubes that require regular cleaning to keep them from clogging. MagFlow requires no sand filters, which can clog and must be backwashed.
Q: Can the process operate 24 hours with only being manned 8 hours a day? 
A: Yes. The MagFlow system has fully automated PLC controls.
Q:Why Choose Lifeng?
1. lifeng has over 4 decades experience in sludge dewatering and sludge treatment.
2. We have Dr. experts for quality control, thus our product is far better than other Chinese manufacturers.
3. We only use the best parts from best suppliers, such as Bauer, SEW, Schneider, Omron, etc.
4. We have our own RD center and complete manufacture system.
5. We have got CE mark and ISO 9001 certificates, rich experience in dealing with overseas markets.