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Municipal Wastewater solution
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Urban sewage treatment process is generally based on the use or discharge of urban sewage and consider the natural purification capacity of water, to determine the degree of sewage treatment and the corresponding processing technology. The treated sewage, whether used in industry, agriculture or the recharge of groundwater, must comply with the relevant national standards issued by the state. Modern sewage treatment technology, according to the degree of processing, can be divided into one, two and three processing technology. A physical method for the first stage treatment of sewage, such as screening, precipitation, removal of suspended solids and floating substances in the waste water.
The two level of sewage treatment is mainly applied in biological treatment method, namely through the microbial metabolism process of material transformation, the oxidation of organic matter degradation in various sewage complex for simple substances. Biological treatment of sewage water, water temperature, dissolved oxygen and pH value have certain requirements. The three level of sewage treatment is based on one or two level processing on the application of coagulation, filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and other physical and chemical methods to remove organic matter, insoluble phosphorus and nitrogen in sewage and other nutritional substances. The pollutant composition is very complex, often need to combine several methods, in order to achieve the processing requirements. Treatment of sewage pretreatment, two level processing as the main body, the treated sewage can reach the emission standard. Three levels of treatment for advanced treatment, better water quality, can even reach the drinking water standard, but the high cost of treatment, except in some extreme shortage of countries and regions, is less used. At present, many of our city are under construction and expansion of the sewage treatment plant two, in order to solve the increasingly serious problem of water pollution.