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Waste Oils / Oil Recovery Applications
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Lifeng MDS and TRP sludge dewatering machines provide world-class standards for high-performance specially equipped to meet the separation requirements of the waste oil processing industry with specialized separation equipment and systems technology. Whether it is 2-phase or 3-phase separation, the Lifeng range of MDS and TRP offer high performance separation solutions with a very small footprint. The Lifeng range of MDS and TRP series were designed and developed for maximum oil recovery, solids capture and cake dryness at high throughputs with significantly reduced power consumption.

Lifeng MDS and TRP sludge dewatering machines


·                         State-of-the-art of 2-phase and 3-phase sludge dewatering machines technology

·                         Setting the benchmark for a variety waste oil applications

Specially equipped force 2 and 3-phase provide more efficient separation processes for these typical waste oil applications:

·                         Oily residues, slop oils and sludges from oil refineries

·                         BS&W storage tank bottom solids and water

·                         Oil sludge lagoons

·                         Oil water mixtures from ship ballasts

·                         API separator sludge

·                         Oilfield and drilling mud waste oils

·                         Discarded lubricant oils and emulsions or other

·                         Industrial oil / water and emulsion waste streams

·                         Oily WWTP sludges

Specially equipped for MDS and TRP oil sludge treatment include:

·                         Many years of Lifeng development & optimization

·                         MDS and TRP features include:

o                                        Adjustable centripetal pump for light phase

o                                        Inert gas flushing of housing and seals for explosion protection

o                                        Tailor-made scroll and bowl design

sludge separation machine

MDS and TRP sludge dewatering and process technology:

·                         Large diameter/length ratio of 1:4,2 and greater in some model size machines

·                         Centrifugal acceleration forces of 3,000 – 5,200 x “G” depending on bowl diameter

·                         Available in either 2-phase or 3-phase design for the separation of the solids phase from one or two liquid phases during a single processing step

·                         Flexible processing options by utilizing a 3-phase machine for 2-phase processing when required

·                         3-phase machines feature the option of adjustable “dip-tube” design or externally adjustable “ pump” for light oil phase discharge

·                         Explosion proof designs according to requirements; e.g. nitrogen purged machines

·                         Corrosion resistant materials, individually selected for the process

·                         Minimal operator attendance required

·                         Fully automated operation with our proprietary Lifeng MDS and TRP touch screen control system

·                         Modern scroll back-drive systems including hydraulic and / or electrical regenerative system

·                         Scroll drive systems highest possible torques with the fastest possible reaction times

·                         In-house development and manufacturing of hydraulic components for scroll drive systems

·                         Various scroll and bowl wear protection systems for long service life

·                         Dynamically optimized fluid design of feed and discharge zones

·                         Customized designs available to meet individual process / sludge requirements

·                         Highest cake dryness minimizes drying costs

·                         Simple and service-friendly design with 24 hour factory service support

·                         Low specific power consumption per unit product processed

·                         All product contact parts available in stainless steel or high tensile strength carbon steel The space-saving concept of the solid bowl centrifuge together with optimal process results exceeds the high demands of the wastewater treatment industry

The Lifeng MDS and TRP series are manufactured in our modern factory and are subject to strict quality controls and manufacturing standards. And the care which is taken during manufacture and our 24 hour service support is also reflected in the satisfaction of our clients. Feel free to ask about our reference list of satisfied customers worldwide.

Beyond manufacturing will also assist our clients regarding the optimal plant design and recommended choice of ancillary equipment plus implementation and commissioning of the decanter centrifuge equipment. Such systems include portable and pre-fabricated plants for quicker and simpler field erection.


Fixed location Lifeng MDS and TRP:


Generally waste oil treatment plant and system layouts: Waste oil systems vary depending on the unique source and make-up of the raw product and the customer's requirements regarding quality of the products after processing. However, a typical processing plant layout for most oily wastes from the petroleum industry will generally comprise the following:

·                         Mechanical removal of solids, if required

·                         Heating to reduce viscosity and thus enhance mobility of the phase

·                         De-emulsifier dosing to break emulsions and make oil, water and solids bound in the emulsion accessible for centrifugal separation

·                         Polymer dosing to enhance solids removal rates and cake dryness

Two well-known and proven waste oils layouts are:

Waste oil, water, and solids separation in one high performance 3-phase MDS and TRP. Oil quality produced in such a system is usually good enough for return to the crude oil side of the refinery.

Typical 3-phase decanter performance:

Oil phase:

1-3% water

Below 1,000 ppm solids

Water phase:

1-3% oil

1,000-3,000 mg/L solids

Solids phase:

20-50% dry solids

Hydrocarbon content depending on product